Friday, February 11, 2011

The Face Shop


Originated from Korea, THEFACESHOP is a leading global retail brand in the upper value segment offering more than 1,000 lavish products ranging from skin care, cosmetic, body care, hair products to accessories.

Our slogan, the "Natural Story", represents over 1,000 high quality products made of 600 natural ingredients such as rice, fruits and various herbs.  Throughout the years, THEFACESHOP is putting tireless efforts in offering our customers attractive prices by taking direct charge of the distribution channel, production as well as research and development without losing sight of our commitment to natural story.  Embodying the true spirit of naturalism, THEFACESHOP does not allow animal testing on the products and the product containers are recyclable.

With tremendous support by customers, products of THEFACESHOP hit the top sales rank in Korea and in year 2004, it clinched the title of "Best Brand Of The Year".   Furthermore, THEFACESHOP achieved the Prime Minister Award in the 10th Korea Distribution Award which was held by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Maeil Business Newspaper in 2005.  We were also awarded as "Korea Best Hit Brand for the first half of the year 2005" by Seoul Economy Newspaper.

We are passionate about sharing our premium products and spreading the news on the excellence of our products around the world.  Currently, THEFACESHOP is available in Japan, China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Jordan, Mongolia and Malaysia.  Overall, we have 580 outlets in Korea and 180 outlets in 17 countries.

In Malaysia, THEFACESHOP opened its first outlet at Mid Valley Megamall in 2006.  Currently, we have overall 20 outlets in East and West Malaysia and we are still exploring more possibilities.

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Be enticed by the myriad of products THEFACESHOP has to offer from time to time.  Unleash your shopping desire and unveil your natural story with us.  Step out and visit any THEFACESHOP outlet today for the latest range of skin care, cosmetic, body care, hair care and many other extensive products.

Aku memang pengguna setia product the face shop.....almost semua make-up aku beli kat the face shop....u all boleh lah cubee product nie.....memang korang sukee jugak lagipun harga pun ok n reasonable...


Ina said...

saya tak pakai makeup..bedak ngan lipstick the way u are cute!

strawberrylily76 said...

ye kee...tak apee so u already have ur own natural beauty.....ok thank u so muchhh....nice knowing u